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What we believe in

Every little thing helps when it comes to a healthy living – and so do vitamins and minerals.

In today’s world of short lunch breaks and take-away food, it’s more and more difficult to get 100% of our daily needs in vitamins and minerals from what we eat.

Each season challenges our health in different ways. Our bodies’ need for different active ingredients to build defenses evolves over the course of the year – and so should our supplements.

Simple, convenient and enjoyable

Making the world of vitamins a fun experience

We’ll do all the hard work – all you have to do is enjoy receiving your LyftoBox at your doorstep each season and discover all the goodness packed inside, with clear and simple explanations on our star ingredients.


Healthy living, healthy environment

We are committed to deliver products that respect this philosophy


We work exclusively with local suppliers and manufacturers who provide us 100% biodegradable and recyclable materials, striving for responsible and sustainable sourcing of our ingredients.

Our commitments to you

Products that comply with current regulations

By subscribing to Lyftonomie you are guaranteed to obtain food supplements that offer the same quality and compliance guarantees as those you can find in your pharmacy or parapharmacy. Our products comply with European, as well as French and Swiss regulations.

Environmentally-friendly packaging

Lyftonomie has chosen an eco-responsible packaging by favouring recyclable cardboard as well as biosourced plastic that is entirely biodegradable. In addition, the wood wool we use to protect the shipment is FSC and PEFC certified.

Made in France

Our suppliers and manufacturers of capsules, pillboxes and labels are all French companies with the relevant certifications.

Preference for natural and organic ingredients

As far as possible, we favour products of naturally extracted organic ingredients (such as our vitamin C extracted from acerola). This is because they are better assimilated by our body than products of synthetic origin.

Matching people's diets and needs

All our seasonal products do not contain any elements of animal origin. As such they are perfect for people with vegan diets. They are also guaranteed to be Gluten, Allergen and GMO-free


How we do it

From product development to your door

Typical deficiencies by season
Seasonal eating habits
Identification of standard ingredients and indicators
Compilation of a "shortlist" of desired ingredients
Calculation of the required dosage
Verification of compliance with European legislation
Terms of reference
Implementation of the final formulation
Finalize specifications with our certified supplied
Selection of raw materials
Review of conformity with terms of reference
Order from certified supplied
Lot analysis
Test for absence of GMOs, polluants, contaminations, etc..
Compliance with technical specifications and legislation
Manufacturing under controlled environment
Mixing of raw materials
Encapsulation into vegan capsules
Filling and sealing of eco-friendly pill dispensers
Marking of batch numbers and consume-by date
Registration with authorities
Drafting of the technical file and official labeling
Filling of registration with the DGGCRF
Delivered to your door :)

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